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A Lifetime of Pursuance

Above All Entertainment was formed by CEO Clinton (Checkmate) Davis Jr. in 2002. Something he dreamed of doing with his best friend & father since middle school. He was so determined to follow thru with his father's dream. That dream was making music, and forming a dominant record label. His whole life changed after the loss of his heroic father in the W.T.C. 9-11-01 tragedy. Rip to PAPD officer Clinton Davis Sr. Since this day he has put his heart and soul into making his companies successful. Checkmate even dropped out of college to put more hours into promotions/marketing. In 2006 Checkmate secured a distribution deal with Bayside/Tower Records. Above All released their first worldwide album on july 25th 2006 4 Teens from Texas including artist Kydd Jones (Impac - Almost Famous) Ceo Checkmate secured production from platinum producers such as (Carnival beats "Still Tippin", & Fantom of the beats "Magic Stick"). Half of Impac left to eventually graduate Langston Univ, the other half became successful artists with LNS Crew. so the next year he pretty much lived on the internet he jokes..but the music forums he was members of helped launch another career. He Linked up with Noizemob in 07 and KreamTeam management Checkmate formed one of the biggest,strongest affiliations in the independent market.

In 2008 Checkmate began his own career as an artist/dj also & the above all radio show launched on SEA award winning online/satellite station "Dirty South Radio" with Core dj (DJ Hella Yella)  &  Go Dj (DJ knowledge). He started releasing a series of mixtapes called "Fetti Kings" than eventually his own M.C.M. series. This momentum encouraged him to create Above All Multimedia company & instantly had interviews and bookings for major artist's & events..including TV networks. Checkmate's management secured him a Distro deal with Amalgam Digital and eventually left to (Believe Digital). "I had music on spotify before it was even in the u.s.a" is something he prides himself on and grateful to be ahead of the wave.  He was even selected to showcase at the SXSW music/film festival since 2015. Things became a bit overwhelming for him.  With so much to handle and legal issues/ family, Ceo Checkmate once again reached back to his peers to help  change the culture he has spent over 10 years in helping others achieve in. Blessed to be In his 30's and thriving still,  Now is the time to finish what he started and focus on himself for the future of his children.  The legacy continues, it's checkmate hatassss dot com.


offering management, dj, multimedia, studio time, equipment rental, digital distribution (france), custom shirts, Dvd's, live music venue, performances & more.

Current Projects

  Just released M.C.M.5 (Mi Citi & Mii 5) Album & Mixtape versions. 

Both versions on every major platform US, EUROPE & MORE.


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